Insul-Hold, insulation support system and green solution, a product of JR Metal Frames.


What is Insul-Hold?

Insul-Hold is an insulation support system. It holds most types of insulation in place with it's 2-1/2" arrow. lnsul-Hold creates maximum efficiency by preventing sagging, decreasing heating or cooling cost, maximizing R Value, reducing moisture, improving sound control, and meeting all federal specifications.


How Does Insul-Hold
actually hold insulation
in place?

lnsul-Hold fastens to metal framing, steel, concrete, masonry, and wood with fasteners, nails, or screws. The 2-1/2" arrow prongs are bent away from the wall at a 90 degree angle. Insulation is then generally pushed onto the arrow prongs. The 100' rolls of Insul-Hold can be cut into any individual length. Often times they are cut into 36" or 48" strips.

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200 Rolls or Less
200 -1,000 Rolls
1,000 - 5,000 Rolls

More than 5,000 -

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Insul-Hold, made in the U.S.A. with American Steel.

How does Insul-Hold increase R Value?

lnsul-Hold does this simply by allowing the insulation to fill the entire wall and girt cavity. When insulating industrial metal walls one of the large hurdles is maintaining a proper R value because metal reduces the R value of the insulation by as much as 50%. By using Insul-Hold builders are sure to get the maximum R value available.


Why is Insul-Hold considered a “green product”?

Insul-Hold is a green product because it contributes to the overall green building movement.

What is Insul-Hold made out of and how is it packaged?

Insul-Hold is
fabricated with
20 gauge
metal with a
width of 1". It is
packaged in self
dispensing boxes
in 100' rolls.

Where can Insul-Hold be used?

lnsul-Hold can be used anywhere insulation is used. It can be used in inside and outside walls, ceilings, basements, and crawl spaces. It can be used in commercial or residential structures. It is ideal for industrial steel buildings. It is primarily used at the new construction phase, however it has grown over the years to be used for retrofit projects. This trend is continuing as efficiency requirements become more important.


Where can Insul-Hold be purchased?

Insul-Hold is manufactured in the USA by the finest Maine craftsmen. It is a product of JR Metal Frames in Belgrade, Maine. Please contact us at
207-465-9066. The factory address is 287 Oakland Road, Belgrade, Maine 04917.

Insul-Hold is shipped all over the world.