Our History


Jean Pepin, founder of JR Metal Frames.JR Metal Frames, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Jean Pepin, who was an established drywall contractor for many years based in the state of Maine. Mr. Pepin created JR Metal Frames because his drywall projects were delayed due to the drawn out production times for the metal frames and doors. He felt it was unacceptable for the industry to wait 6-8 weeks for the production and delivery of hollow metal components. Jean knew that welded frames were needed at the beginning of the construction cycle, and was convinced a quick ship custom manufacturer could be of great value to the

Pepin Drywall, image provided by JR Metal Frames.


Insul-Hold's beginning.

construction industry and the flow of the building cycle.


Mr. Pepin set out to prove his theory to be true when he founded JR Metal Frames. Expanding one machine and one worker at a time in the early days. He built the company from the ground up with his own two hands, in many cases teaching himself along the way to bend and cut the metal product. If something couldn't be done efficiently he would design a machine to speed up the process. His vision was to create a company that could manufacture a custom frame and deliver it to the customer within 1-2 weeks. Mr. Pepin achieved his goals through hard work, ingenuity and a creative mind that solved many problems and moved many obstacles on his road to success. JR Metal stands today through his efforts and that of his surviving family members, wife Claire and son Robert.


For over 30 years now JR Metal Frames has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of our distributor network by manufacturing quality hollow metal products with pride, attention to detail, and dependability. Our commitment to make the best custom built frame made and deliver it in the fastest possible delivery time to the job site is the cornerstone of our success. Our customers know they can count on us for their projects.


Our founder’s legacy is carried on today through our dedicated group of employees who make your order their number one priority. His son Robert’s hands-on approach with our distributor partners helps guide JR Metal Frames in making the needed adjustments and improvements in our production and distribution facility to stay in the forefront of innovation in the hollow metal industry.


Original equipment of JR Metal Frames.

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